If anyone has any questions they would like to ask me, about myself, or about the universe in general, I would be glad to give you my honest and humble opinion and perspective. I encourage others to try this as well, as it can be very revealing and surprisingly rewarding… if used with the proper mindset/intentions. The link is located below




Why does it seem like nature speaks to us through psytrance? Is the universe trying to tell us something?

Yes. The key is to pay attention to what is going on around and inside you! 🙂 To be completely present in this moment, when all data can be collected and interpreted in a single instant.

Producing this music is meditative in itself, listening to the loops, over and over and over becomes droning, you get lost in yourself and in the program. The brain starts harmonizing with the Alpha frequency which is similar to the brainstate of deep meditation or samadhi. Here, the entire UNIVERSE is at our disposal, it is inside of us. Psytrance producers hone into this frequency, and begin to tweak and warp the already playing loops so that they line up and resonate with what is happening internally (EVERYTHING! THE VOID, THE AKASHIC, THE ONENESS, GOD–whatever you want to call it). Psytrance is a tool for calibration, aligning your chakras with the energy of the universe and bringing you that much closer to your divine self. It is psychoshamanism, the shaman (DJ/producer) takes you on a journey to higher dimensions. The universe is knocking on our doorstep, trying to wake us up. All it takes is to hear the call and answer… open the door, and God is sitting right on your doorstep! Who would have thought 😉

Psytrance is MUCH more than a party.