"Mayan Calendar"So today has been quite extraordinary to say the least! I’ve been REALLY feeling the healing energies of the cosmos lately and this experience really made me want to share 🙂

I might as well just start at the beginning… I parted ways with my girlfriend of a year and a half a little over a month ago. I was completely in love with her, and her with me. We were just going separate ways and couldn’t afford to hold onto the relationship any longer because we were stunting our own spirits’ growth process. It’s been a very difficult process of letting go… when you’ve held onto something you love so tightly for a long time… letting go, although necessary, can be one of the hardest things to do.

Since the break-up, I feel as if I’ve been more susceptible to the energy of the cosmos… I’ve been in a constant state of emotional flux for about a month now. I feel as I’m trapped on a roller coaster, moving swiftly in and out of euphoric bliss and deep and utter sadness. Each time I come up the euphoria is that much brighter having witnessed the creative process of a total collapse, a singularity which allows that which once was to be recreated in a newer and brighter light.

Normally I’m very good at remaining positive and – ‘not getting sucked down the spiral’. But today…the pull of the cosmos was too strong, I could no longer resist so I allowed it to happen. I decided to let go, to release the built up emotions and experience the depths of the singularity. It’s amazing how amidst so much dark there is always a light… illuminating the truth that lies hidden in the darkness. Accepting this truth was a transformative process that brought tears to my eyes and translucence to my soul.

Now… as many of you may know (and many of you will not – there will be posts about this later), I am an experiencer of the 11:11 phenomenon. If you google search this you will come up with lots of results… I’ll be posting links on here about it shortly. To sum it up though… 11 is the number of synchronicity or “coincidence”. It’s basically seen as a wake-up call to humanity… some describe the phenomenon as a higher-dimensional being tapping you on the shoulder (metaphorically) at the time of _:11 to alert you of a spiritual tranformation that is taking place (it’s saying-pay attention!)… you see just as I typed this (as a perfect and untimely example)… I looked at the time and it was 1:33 AM. It’s interesting to note that the sequence _:33 (33= 11 + 11 + 11 or 11 x 3)… or more specifically 3:33 is related to the ascended masters aka higher-dimensional beings (Buddha, Jesus, Moses, etc. etc.). Mind you this is only according to sources I have read via the internet. Although, I have experienced a correlation between my _:33 moments and that hypothesis. It’s like whenever I experience it there’s some sort of divine connection that i realize at that moment. Again… curiously enough… I awoke on Sunday, October 31st, 2010 at 3:33 PM. Even though it was halloween… I decided I was going to lay in bed for the rest of the day and reflect. Soon it turned out to be an experience of wallowing in the dark abyss, for lack of a better description.

I fell victim to all of the negative vibes and karmas that have been accumulating inside my being. I let it all go as I watched my consciousness slowly become shrouded in my hidden subconscious agendas. As if some outside force had coaxed me into reacting as I swore I would not. In the middle of this process I held a conversation with my ex, in which I expressed some thoughts and emotions that I’ve been holding within. Although the experience was wrought deep with emotion, the relief afterwards was like awakening at sunrise on a frosty autumn morning, and gasping for air as the cold trickles through your lungs exciting prickling senses throughout all of the body. Like a bolt of lightning sent from the heavens struck me, energy surged through my body…

Immediately after the conversation… the tears still drying on my face, I had a vision… of the sun setting in the distance. I expressed this vision via facebook:

~~>~^~<~~And the light… it seemed so Clear and present and divine… and then the world turned on it’s back… the sun sliding into the abyss, revealing the darkness that surrounds it all. And now I wait… as my pupils dilate, to reveal once again that the light seen retreating amongst the shadows, is still there, reflecting upon cellestial bodies… for the sun to arise again… shall be the great awakening ♥~~>~^~<~~

Shortly after this a post by The Return of the Divine Feminine on my newsfeed on facebook grabbed my attention. Here is what it read:

Let go and be in the Void- shed the skins of the past and feel the dark Mystery, birthing power, creative cauldron of renewal- stiring within… Fall back into the soil and deep Soul in total surrender… Rise up into the center point of light and dark and reclaim your power, your higher consiousness in golden flames of Spirit and deep root system through the Abyss and into Source Love. As you stand as the Tree of Life, Nature surrounds and communes with you, the essence of all you have ever been, with the Spirits of all who acccompany you ~ Duality is now Balanced and Time got devoured by Wisdom ~ every moment is Sacred and every breath is Infinite…

A sea of open grace and depth
beyond the shadows tortured death
Inside purified waters singing
To light the fire of Sacred Dreaming


Shortly after coming across this, a friend in the community known as Sun Ra, read my post, and posted this in return:

“holding a light, in d’arkness”

All of this synchronicity in one evening became very peculiar to me, so I decided to check out the Mayan Calendar and see what the energies had to say for today. Here’s the outcome– I hope you can see the connection that I see as well… This as well as many other experiences cross-checking the Mayan Calendar with the energies and vibes I feel for the day have proven to strengthen my faith in the Sacred Calendar…

The following information was copied from: The Mayan Calendar Portal

Ka {Tone Two}

Ka is the number two in the Mayan Sacred Calendar. It represents duality and balance between opposing yet complementary elements.

Persons born on days with this tone are sensitive to the differences between extremes or sides and recognize the separation of self from all else together with the desire to be joined once again. The energy of this tone walks a fine balance through opposing dualities such as light/dark, male/female, good/bad, ying/yang, and so on.

Ka is ruled by Tlaltecuhtli, the Aztec god of earth.

Tlaltecuhtli {God of Earth}

Tlaltecuhtli is the ruler of the Second Day of the Trecena, and the First Night and Second Heaven of the Galactic Underworld.

Tlaltecuhtli is also the Aztec god of earth. The energy he embodies is that of catalysis, creating a reaction.

The Galactic Underworld is the level of evolution that currently influences the mind of human beings the most strongly. It is developed through the energetic effects of thirteen tuns (360 day periods) that are subdivided into seven peaks of energy (days) and six valleys (nights), each symbolized by a specific deity. Day by day, this wave movement brings increasingly greater flows of right-brain energies and propels the end of Western dominance in the world. The deeper we go into this Underworld the stronger the waves become. To mark these most significant shift points in the evolution of consciousness, celebrations focusing on alignment with the divine plan are taking place all over the world.

Etznab {Flint, North}

Etnab MandalaThis is the 18th day sign of the uinal. It means “flint”, “knife”, or “obsidian. It carries an incisive Northern energy.

Born of purity and truth, this day sign sparks with insight and intelligence, serving as the mirror or reality for all.

The innate ability of the Flint to distinguish emotion from fact, right from wrong, gives those born into this day sign the awesome responsibility of extricating truth from falsehood. In fact, Flint persons are often likened to the Archangel Michael, who can cut through the difference between good and evil with a single slice of his sword. The Maya believed Flint persons could receive information about people’s interpersonal problems or the malicious plans of others by reflecting them in a mirror of obsidian glass.

It comes as no surprise, then, that others may find Flint persons rather opinionated and overly obsessed with what is right and what is wrong. But Flints are simply honest and direct, and want nothing more than to serve others. They can spot people’s hidden agendas immediately and stand tireless to protect, defend or cure others through personal sacrifice. Their challenge in their life is to find harmony and use their powers of insight and sense of justice as a gift rather than a weapon.

If this resonates with anyone… or if you have had a similar experience, please do not hesitate to share! 🙂

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL halloween! Keep it GOA’n 😉 ~~~~~~~  Love ❤ and Light -<((*))>-

~~>~^~<~~ Jagno Gaia ~~>~^~<~~