Life is a never ending roller coaster… it’s filled with ups and downs, changes in direction (twists and turns)… fear and joy. You are free to look which ever way you wish and see what you decide… but you’re path is pre-determined, you’re just along for the ride! What’s the use in fighting that? You’re strapped in, and you chose to hop on that roller coaster… you chose to be here… If you try to get out and escape you’ll end up losing your life as you are no longer grounded to the safety of the roller coaster of life. Might as well make the most out of your experiences while you have the opportunity and accept all experiences (the good and the bad) along the path you walk!

Fear not! Enjoy the ride! When it reaches the end… you are free to get out of your seat and determine your own reality — the reward of sticking it through to the end 🙂