Hey there everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I figured it was about time I get back in touch with you all 🙂 I’ve been on a wild journey the past few months… my own transformations are happening exponentially quicker each day. No time to go into depth about it or explain it all now, but I will do so in due time… In the meanwhile, I’m curious to hear about your transformations! 🙂 Please feel free to post comments on any of my blogs with related stories, I would love to bridge experiences with you.

So I think the topic I’ve been most stuck on lately, is the topic of spiritual integration/grounding/bridging.

To me – spiritual integration (or grounding) is the process of going out of the body into the “mind” of the spirit (via altered states of consciousness induced by practices such as fasting, yoga, sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, meditation, psychedelics, or a combination of these) in order to gather “spiritual”/centered/objective information (light), and then returning to the body with this information, while simultaneously holding that light so as to ground it here in this physical dimension – that is, to radiate the light (divine wisdom) physically as it guides you through your daily physical interactions with the surrounding environment. The purpose is to operate, physically, from a place of higher intention, in order to more efficiently bring about a global transformation (We must interact with our earth – the body – with the elements, the plants, animals, and with our brothers and sisters).

Our mind has become so separate from our bodies and the earth (detached/ungrounded – also synonymous to the detachment between each other… few people even say hello as they pass each other on the walk of life, or in these days, on the streets), that a sense of urgency seems to be flowing into the subconscious . We must change, to resonate with the rhythm and spirit of our earth, our solar-system, our galaxy, and our universe, lest we become so detached that the body can no longer maintain the mind (that the earth may not be able to sustain our species). We must embark on the process of spiritual grounding, so that the light may guide us to a higher heaven (a brighter future). The goal I feel here is not necessarily Utopia, but the continual progression towards it. Everything we ever need is here on this planet and within us, there is no need to go anywhere else in search for it.

A spiritual integration experiences teaches us that we must love unconditionally, breathe deeply, act intently, move slowly, not cut corners or beat around the bush (to cut straight through to the point–the truth–like a double edged sword). It teaches us to be the best we can be, to fit into the moment exactly as we were meant to – to be present and fully aware in that moment (to fill it in with light) while at the same time allowing everything else its own space to resonate freely. It teaches us not to impede, but to flow; to truly feel and flow with our emotions instead of fighting them – to flow with the ever-lasting change that is the spiritual progression of the heart of the universe (consciousness-expansion).

The process of bridging is a bit more abstract of a concept, but I will do my best to articulate it as I understand it. Someone under-going the experience of spiritual integration must not only ground the light around themselves, they must work to extend it out to others, rather than alienate themselves from those who are transforming much slower. This process involves lowering the frequency of the mind, coming down from spirit and deeper into the body in order to match the frequency of others. How do we resonate (relate) with each other if I am way up here and you are way down there? Or vice versa… how do we communicate… how do we transfer important spiritual (light/widsom) information? For a very basic and physical example, a chemist cannot speak with a painter on the nature of chemical compounds in the advanced language of chemistry, for without prior experience, the painter knows nothing of the symbols used to articulate the information. The chemist must allow himself to think like the painter in the left hand, while simultaneously holding his knowledge of chemistry in the right, in order to portray the information to the painter in the form of metaphors strung together in a rhythm known as ‘Poetry’. The same technique is used to decode or translate information coming from the painter to the chemist, and vice versa.

However poetry via spoken word or written language is not the only way of relaying important information. Without language, much information can be communicated through the body. This form of communication relies on proper attention and presence in the body – we must be GROUNDED in order to communicate psychically (notice the similarity between the words physically/psychically).

Bridging, is the process of expanding our consciousness/perception. By expanding my consciousness outward into your sphere of consciousness, we are able to exchange information simultaneously as it is created. The purpose of bridging, is to start a chain-reaction… similar to the “100th monkey syndrome”. As soon as enough beings expand their consciousness so that they are reaching others, it won’t be long before we experience that expanding consciousness as a unified whole. Once this is realized, it would be obvious that hurting or impeding the growth of anything outside of the ego-self is actually an act of impeding the self. Spiritual impedance could potentially be neutralized. So it is important I think, for those who have realized that we are all one consciousness unified by the will of the cosmos, to do what they can to expand that light/wisdom to the people around them (even if it means temporarily lowering your own vibration).

This blog can be seen as a form of integration/bridging, as I am doing what I can to hold these visions of light and wisdom in my mind while simultaneously being here and now in this world typing to you on this computer, breathing slowly, remaining centered and focused on this topic that is currently at hand in my mind.

Phew… I’m sweatin’ haHA! I guess that’s all I have to rant today, I hope you found this information useful. Here is a video related to the topic of bridging and integration, it is about “soulshaping”! For more information, visit: soulshaping.com

Enjoy ❤

On a last note, I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful fall weather and colors! Embrace the change 😉

Love and Light ❤ Embrace the darkness