This was just a response I had to a question a spiritual friend asked me today… I intend on expanding on this thought later because it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately and I feel to be very important…

Lots of people are afraid of a New World Order or One World Government… but I think people are just afraid of something so new… there are so many unknowns that people get fearful and fabricate in their heads what they believe it may be like. I do disagree with control but are people really gonna need to be controlled to be willing to accept a world government? One where we all make decisions together? And see ourself as one nation, one consciousness of earth.

Semantics… words have different meanings from person to person, ideas are easily misconstrued. What ever IS right now, simply IS. We can choose to react negatively in fear, or we can react positively with enthusiasm and contribute positive energy on top of what already is.

These are just some thoughts going through my head… lots of people are afraid of what may happen in the next 2 years is my point. But what we hold in our hearts (whether it be fear or love), determines our reaction (and thus action) to whatever is in our future that we may experience. If we hold our hearts in love, our actions will be joyful and fruiticious, but if we hold our hearts in fear, our actions as a people could be very intense and thus chaotic.

Based on my own experience/knowledge, I know that fear creates negative situation around you (for example, if you see a bear in the woods and you fear it and run, that bear more than likely chase you… but if you just breathe deeply and hold love for that bear in your heart, it will be as it is and leave you your space and you will leave him his space withstaned by love!) That being said, I have a high capacity to hold love in my heartspace, and do not believe it my fate to end up in any negative land such as a concentration camp.

Is the fate of one really the fate of all though? when looking at things from this earthly 3-dimensional mind-frame?

Point being – I think now is a time more important than ever to learn to hold love in our hearts for those around us and to not fear for ourselves or our neighbor, but instead to give love so that fear may not have a chance to make it’s way into our minds. ❤