Beware of the false twin flame ~ which more than likely will come about after reading of twin flames and initially longing for that type of connection ~ I thought I had found my twin flame for a long time but I was looking outward for her – that was when I found a soul-mate.

Only after she and I split (to my ASTONISHMENT ~ I thought we were happy together and I didn’t see it coming at all) and I let my emotions go did I realize that she was there to teach me the last lesson I needed to learn before I reunited with my twin.

The Spirit of the Amanita found me at this time, as I was completely lost, it showed me the way of self-love, forgiveness, and acceptance, and ultimately: unconditional love — one very dark night on Halloween I let go all the rest of my emotions that were churning within, I layed in my bed and cried for hours – then had a vision of the world turning on its back, the sun setting into a sliver on the horizon, and darkness fading in. Only to realize that when the sun would return, it would be the great awakening; it would be magnificent.

“And the light… it seemed so Clear and present and divine… and then the world turned on it’s back… the sun sliding into the abyss, revealing the darkness that surrounds it all. And now I wait… as my pupils dilate, to reveal once again that the light seen retreating amongst the shadows, is still there, reflecting upon celestial bodies… for the sun to arise again… shall be the great awakening ♥”

I decided afterwards to be myself, to love myself, and through the understanding that we are all one, love others through myself. I decided I would not look or long for my twin flame, and that I would simply go about my business, shining my light on others, with the thought of nothing in return. I decided not to jump into any relationship, or act on selfish thoughts, or lusting emotions, but to simply allow that which was destined for me to come into my life at the proper moment.

I decided that I would not settle again for anyone less than my twin-flame, my literal other-half, the me in female version… I even wrote out a list of attributes describing her; describing my hearts truest desires.

About 3-4 months after that night on Halloween, a magnificent connection began to blossom between myself and the most beautiful angel I’ve ever seen (when I first saw her which was before all this even when dating my ex I had an instant attraction to her accompanied by a deep feeling in my heart). I did not try to make it happen… It just started happening, and I was almost an observer.

Synchronicity after synchronicity began to appear the more I spent time around her, down to the smallest detail, it is almost chilling, and awe inspiring, and very TRIPPY.

The twin-flame relationship is the most ecstatic that can possibly be experienced in this 3d human form. It is not focused on sexuality as most other relationships are. It is about infinite compatibility, being able to stand side by side and walk in the same direction with each other, not to face each other and try to merge, but to be completely whole and individual selves who join together in mutual existence ~ harmony.

Sex isn’t about desire to fulfill an urge in this type of relationship it’s about fully integrating both the worshiping of the divine feminine and masculine creative energies and raising of the Kundalini Serpent ~~ What exactly this means for humanity at this time, I’m not sure 😉