Today marks just over 2 years of my absence from this blog. Though I don’t know how many of you view regularly, I wish to apologize. I have spent the last 2 years diving further into many projects, learning new things and gaining vital life experiences. I took a bit of a break from creative expression. Today is a new day. Big changes are coming in my life, and I suspect in the world as well. I’ve answered the call to return to my mission (4:11) and follow the divine guidance of my intuition. Integration is so key, and our heart is guiding us along the way, urging us to answer the call and follow our gut instincts. Passion and desire are precursors to manifestation. If there ever was a moment for action it would be in the presence of these 2 driving creative forces. Coincidentally, the Sacral, or 2nd Chakra, represents the same energy: creativity, passion, desire, sexuality, emotion (energy in motion).

This blog post is more of a mantra, or a reminder to myself to complete the work I set out to do. At this moment I sit here surrounded by a group of like-minded young adults, working together on projects designed to influence the world and lift up those who live in it. The main project happens to utilize wordpress as a means for open source communication and user personalization. And thus I was brought back to my old wordpress site only to revisit my last post which happens to be a project that I considered continuing this morning. All afternoon I was gathering data to help me complete my research into numerological phenomena and how it can relate to the physical world in a practical application. Little did I know I was about to receive intuitive direction from my guides who prompt synchronicities.

If you do recall, I enjoy utilizing the Mayan Calendar Portal daily tzolkin readings:

This is the 14th day sign of the uinal. It means “jaguar” or “death”. It carries a stealthy Northern energy.

Born with a deep love of Mother Earth, the Jaguar is directly tied to the source of all Earth energy. Jaguar energy is feminine in nature, capable of healing, and is the ruling spirit of jungles, plains and mountains. The Maya often call on the spirit of the Jaguar, who inhabits their temples, to assist them in spiritual as well as material matters.

The extreme intelligence of the Jaguar often comes paired with clairvoyance. This is the typical day sign for prophets and daykeepers among the Maya: they possess great power of intellect, strength of character and the ability to see through the night.

Their strength gives them extraordinary patience, which can suddenly explode in bursts of decision and action; but their focus tends to be very narrow and they are rarely open to exploring alternative life paths.

Secretive, bold and mystical, Jaguar persons tend to be difficult to get a hold of or understand; their relationships are often complicated and their secretiveness makes it rather challenging to live with them. They often simply just turn up, disappearing as quickly as they appear. Their challenge in life is to be humble and open to other people.

Bolon is the number nine in the Mayan Sacred Calendar. It represents patience, perseverance and completion.

Persons born on days with this tone place great emphasis on the big-picture view of things, on a larger perspective on all aspects of life. With this energy, plans or projects move toward completion so that they may begin their life or destiny in full. Completion is crucial for people of this tone; if completion is not attained, it can cause pain and suffering.

Bolon is ruled by Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of light.

It’s clear to me I’m meant to collaborate if I am to ever complete my project(s).