What is Jagno Gaia?

I wanted to keep my initials, but create some sort of Alias for myself that has meaning based on the sound of the syllables in the name. So I experimented with J and G for a long time until I came up with Jagno Gaia and it spoke the most to me… didn’t know what it meant or if it meant anything. Later…  I spoke with my friend Anand (from India) and upon telling him my new name he smiled and said that Jagno Gaia means ‘Waking the Earth’ in India. An interesting ‘coincidence’ 😉

Gaia is the earth seen as a single physiological system. It is an entity that is alive. We are part of Gaia and Gaia is part of us.

And thus, the basis of forming this image is to establish a connection to the spiritual world as a professional entity – that is to bridge together the worlds of the physical and ethereal.

A recent graduate of The Institute of Production and Recording, equipped with an Associates of Applied Sciences in Media Arts, Audio Production and Engineering Degree, Jagno Gaia is now prepared to decode and translate the voice of the cosmos into the physical medium of vibration. Money is no driving factor here – I only wish to sustain my life and furthermore the life and vitality of this planet and all of her creatures.

Links to my professional/artistic works can be found on the side bar under “Jagno’s Links”.