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Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity for the “simultaneous occurrence of two meaningful but not causally connected events” creating a significant realm of philosophical exploration. This attempt at finding patterns within a world where coincidence does not exist possibly involves apophenia if a person’s perspective attributes their own causation to a series of events. “Synchronicity therefore means the simultaneous occurrence of a certain psychic state with one or more external events which appear as meaningful parallels to a momentary subjective state”. (C. Jung, 1960)

The following, is a collaboration of my own thoughts and revelations following a question asked by a good friend of mine, concerning the significance of the number sequence of 11:11 ~ the universal symbol for synchronicity, and why for example, that number sequence is more significant than say 22:22 ~~~ the events following led me down a whirlwind tunnel of new ideas and formulated thoughts on numerology far more complex than I could hope to describe at this point in time.

I’ll start off by giving a little background history of my own experience with number sequences and synchronicity on DIGITAL clocks ~

Back in 2008, living away from home for the first time at college, I started to notice a pattern… every day when I looked at my clock it would read ~ 9:11 ~ I saw this sequence once or twice a day for like 2 weeks straight, after the first 4-5 days or something, I started thinking something was up; I’d never recognized a pattern in clocks before (and by pattern I mean repetition – what repeated was once or twice everyday I would have this strange feeling accompanied by a very deep revelatory thought pattern which I would consider to be Sacred, as opposed to the experience of everyday Profane moments ~ ~ . At the same moment I would instinctively – seemingly for no reason glance at the clock to find it reading 9:11). Also each consecutive time I saw this I would be reminded more and more of the events of September 11th of course because at that point in 2008 the numbers 9/11 had been drilled into my head to be associated with those events.

At the end of these 2 weeks, I was convinced that this was no coincidence and that something was going on, I had no idea what, but it was no longer possible for me to continue believing it was coincidence, because I knew it in my heart not to be.

Shortly after this shift in perception from doubt to confidence, the sequence that I saw everyday once or twice a day at synchronistic moments suddenly changed to read ~ 11:11 ~

Now this also befuddled me… why would this sequence suddenly change from one to another, and with such precision… to go from pretty much only seeing 9:11 on a digital clock, to pretty much only seeing 11:11 (when I say pretty much only – I mean there were times when I’d look at the clock, for example, to make sure that I’d get to class on time, when I wasn’t thinking about anything other than this physical reality and what I have to do with my body today, and the clock would just read whatever the time is… I’d see it and it would be just as benign as any other time you’d check the clock and it reads 2:35 or something. But more often than not it would be one of these sequences, and so I never found any real reason to dismiss the synchronicity as coincidence because the numbers were always accompanied by a very significant moment to me – this significance I must point out is very personal in my opinion; The sequences that people see along with their meanings, are completely subjective to the observer, however I do believe there is something objective/universal that is taking place as well, which I will ATTEMPT to describe in this paper.)

In my experience, I believe a transformation was taking place inside me~ a transformation in the way I viewed the world around me, accompanied by the appearance of patterns ~ repetitions in numbers. These number sequences, for me ~ went from 9:11, which I saw as just the number which was most likely to get my attention if I saw it a whole bunch (keep in mind that for the past 7 years at this point, many people were focusing their thoughts and attention on the numbers 9/11 ~ being a very traumatic event for the people in this country, and even around the world, while at the same time the 9/11 Truth movement was gaining momentum, of which I was unaware at the time), to 11:11 ~ a very grounded number. As 1 is the first whole integer so to speak, perhaps it was marking the moment of transformation, signaling a new beginning in my life. 1 also is the only integer, on an American digital clock, to fill all digit places with the same number; an American digital clock never shows 22:22 unless you recalibrate it… so within the sequence of 11:11 itself there is repetition, there is pattern at its most fundamental form.

After about a month the sequences started evolving.. so to speak… I began to see 1:11 frequently as well (at synchronistic moments), then shortly after that, I began to see other sequences… 5:11, 4:11, etc… then months later it progressed into all sorts of double and triple numbers, like 4:44, 3:33, 2:22, 1:22, 1:44, 1:10, 11:33, etc… today these sequences come to me in far more various forms than when this phenomenon fist began, and sometimes, when I’m having a deep thought, or undergoing some sort of transformation, I can predict, that if I look at the clock, it will read a sequence such as 11:11 or some other whole number multiple of 11. I’ve done this many times, on my own of course; it is my own experience and there are few ways to really share or express such an event.

It’s important to note, that the frequency of these “synchronistic events” is and has been since this whole thing started, totally dependent on my mental state at the time; if there is a transformation taking place within me, or if I am living in the present moment, I see more number sequences.

“Energy flows where attention goes”… Once you become aware of your own energies and you follow the cycle, you will be living in the present moment, in the Here and Now, and you will start experiencing increasing synchronicities (meaningful events miscalled “pure coincidences”) in your life.

The reason I believe these sequences have real meaning cannot truly be explained here, although I will mention at one point I went on the internet to search for something… I can’t remember what I searched… number sequences synchronicity? 11:11 on clocks? 11:11 meaning? 11:11 phenomenon? ~ Something to that extent; only to my large surprise did I find out that this is a phenomenon that takes place all over the globe, and that I wasn’t the only one experiencing it (FWEW! I’m not crazy!) 🙂

Here’s a good example of someone else who experiences the same phenomenon:

Out of all the synchronicities I have ever experienced, there is one that stands out above all others, in which I will forever hold my faith in synchronicity. About 2-3 years ago, after learning more about 11:11 via my own experiences, as well as through internet searches and posting about synchronicity, etc… something grabbed my attention on the side of my ‘newsfeed’ in the ads section of Facebook. I’m sure we’re all accustomed by now to the way Facebook tracks our activity and feeds us marketing ads that are more relevant to our interests. What grabbed my attention was an advertisement for an 11:11 medallion created by artist Doug D’souza. This, of course, was no coincidence.

Handcrafted in fine pewter, this unique medallion is dedicated to those on the path of enlightenment accessed through the portal of 11:11. Each design has a significant meaning starting first with the cord as it loops through the Infinity symbol. The entrance is marked with an eleven on each side and sets the tone as the door swings open to reveal the awakening One being showered by rays of light while resting in lotus. The hands of the clock are stopped at the exact moment when source is speaking to those who listen. The dove flutters above representing truth and hope. The universal signs of Peace, Yin-Yang and Love are placed symbolically to remind you of your commitment to peace, balance, harmony and love. When you wear the medallion know that it has been divinely inspired, created and imbued with the healing energy of global awakening consciousness.

At first I thought to myself, “this guy is just trying to make money off peoples’ fascination with 11:11.” I did not want to purchase it. However, after reading this passage about the medallion and thinking about it for a while, I kind of decided that I had to buy it. After all, at the time I had been looking for a new necklace that suited my personality. It didn’t matter to me if I was ‘wasting’ $35 on a necklace that clearly couldn’t do anything for me other than be a nice piece of jewelry because I decided it would be a reminder of the breathtaking experience of synchronicity I had been immersed in for the past few years and sure enough for the years to come. I also maybe thought to myself that this artist deserved a little credit for his honest work. I saw it as honest, even if he was just doing it for the money, because of the great importance and significance of synchronicity in my life and others’ lives. So I ordered it. A few weeks later it came in the mail and I put it on, to (for the most part) never be taken off.

Maybe a few months after this I met the woman of my dreams. Well, we had met previously in passing, but never did we have the chance to spend any time with each other. After hanging out together just a couple of times, this woman seemed absolutely perfect to me… it was as if our minds were hardwired to think the same way and to complement each others’ train of thought – conversation came so easily to us. When we first acknowledged our feelings for each other openly, I was completely astonished to what unfolded next. On the night of our first kiss, perhaps before we even kissed… we were sitting in my car when we realized a truly compelling synchronicity – and this time, it dealt with the very thing I acquired to symbolize my faith in synchronicity.

She showed me her tattoos behind her left and right ears… behind the right ear – a yin yang symbol, behind the left – a peace symbol. Facing me, her tattoos lined up perfectly with the orientation of those very symbols on my 11:11 medallion. At about this same time we both noticed a bright light in front of us that came out of no where. It got very bright for a moment, and then disappeared with a flash. How peculiar that we would both witness a UFO at this very moment! We were truly ecstatic!

Now if that’s not a compelling example of synchronicity, and proof that I experience it, and that it is very real ~ then I don’t know what is…

Being an experiencer of this phenomenon myself for the past 4-5 years, I’m going to tell you why I think 11:11 is a more significant number than say 22:22…


Numbers are symbols, and they carry meaning ~ as humans, we created numbers to help us make sense of the world around us, and we gave them theoretical meaning so as to make the numbers themselves sensible. So again, I will attempt to do just that.

If we think of numbers as place holders for dimensions / fractions of the greater picture (excuse me if I make any scientific mistakes here, this is just to portray a message), we can imagine the number (1) might be used to describe a neutron, (2) to describe the interplay of protons and electrons, (3) is these first 2 elements combined, creating an atom, (4) several atoms combined into a molecule, (5) the formation of molecules into a cellular structure or organelle, (6) a group of organelles making up a cell (the most basic functional unit of life), (7) a group of cells making up a tissue, (8) a group of tissues making up an organ, (9) a group of organs making up organ systems, which combined make up a whole organism (10)… If we pay close attention to this example, we can see that there are cycles within cycles and there seems to be a particular significance to the number (3).

If you hadn’t noticed already, what determines the organizational structure or value of a certain number place holder, is the sum or product of 2 or more of whatever the previous number’s assigned value was (which includes everything else below it), with the exception of numbers (1-2). This is very similar to the Fibonacci Sequence, such that, when writing out the Fibonacci sequence you must first begin with 2 numbers, 0 & 1, and at that point you now have 2 different concepts to combine into the next number. It’s like a feedback loop, the output from 1 calculation is fed back into the input of the next.

(0+1)=1 —> 1+1=2 —> 2+1=3 —> 3+2=5 —> 5+3=8 —> 8+5=13

0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 etc….

Only when we reach the 3rd number of the sequence does addition actually take place, again signifying the importance of the number 3.

In my example, I actually used the Atom as the basis of my number scale. As you can see in my model the Atom is represented by the number 3. But an atom is a whole thing, isn’t it? Why didn’t I attribute it to the value of 1? It is because I found the elementary or subatomic components of an Atom particularly interesting, in that they seemed to replicate my own feelings on the energies of the numbers 1 and 2.

For example the number 2 in my eyes represents doubling, or halving. What happens when you divide by 2 is you get polarity. If I divide the earth into 2 I have to name them 2 separate things, instead of 1 thing, and so I call them north and south. But somehow North and South are connected, as they were before I divided it into 2. So it is polarity/magnetism of opposites that binds them together. This to me was a spitting image representation of the interplay of protons and electrons.

The number 1 in this case, if I put the 2 back together ~ if I combine the protons (+charge) and electrons (-charge) I end up with a neutral, or non-polar charge. The neutron is the non-polar component or nucleus of an atom. In this case I’m not referring to any element in particular, because some have more +charge than -charge or vice versa, instead I am simply referring to the concept of an atom, and the concept of protons and electrons as if they aren’t real “things” but instead place holders to represent + and – charges. Although I would bet on it that if you combine all elements’ charges together in their original state you would get a neutral charge, but that’s probably impossible to test.

So now if we look at it this way, we can deduce, that the number 3 is an elementary form of creation, because every “thing” must be composed of 2 or more “things”. And thus we are presented with the paradox of infinity, the chicken and the egg. Now let me just point out that I believe it would be asinine to assign personal meaning to all numbers up to infinity, not to mention a complete waste of time. In fact, it’s completely unnecessary, and I think the principle of the number 3 proves this.

This is a representation of the fractal nature of the universe, meanings seem to reach a certain peak of complexity before returning to a basic form, although exponentially more complex than the original basic form, indicating a cyclic or even spiral nature. It’s interesting to note that we once believed matter could be reduced to a singular unit in which it could no longer be reduced into further components, in other words, an elementary particle. We once called this particle, an atom. Only today, we have been astonished to find out that not only can an atom be broken down into protons neutrons and electrons, but these subatomic particles can also be broken down into smaller components (up-quarks, down-quarks, leptons, etc.). So maybe there is no “elementary particle” after-all, instead perhaps particles are a function of a wave or energy, as in Wave-Particle Duality. What I’m trying to get at here, is that every “thing” is part of something else entirely that is not even a “thing”.

Let us then, consider the energy, or “vibe” if you will, of each number, instead of some type of formation of particles.

At a fundamental level, the number 1, represents wholeness, non-polarity, the universe could be represented as the number 1, because it encompasses all physical matter as one thing, and not the separate things they appear to be (UNI – VERSE = ONE – SONG) ~ we’ll just say that everything else, for example ALL potential energy/matter (otherwise known as dark energy or dark matter), including manifest energy, is represented by the ‘number’ 0.

To demonstrate this all-encompassing property of the number 1, we need only to realize mathematically, that ANY number is divisible by 1, and any number can be reduced to 1 rationally (ie. 9/9 = 1 & 9/1 = 9). Likewise we can say that any matter is a product of the universe.

The number 2 represents a division, duality, polarity (+ & -), balance, yin and yang, our chamber here in this physical plane, bound to a separate identity in space/time duality and the cycles of life and death.

We can continue down the sequence of numbers assigning logical theoretical-based meaning to all of them, but the meanings become more obscure and abstract, and it becomes increasingly, if not exponentially difficult to place value upon numbers as they increase; not to mention the meanings are completely relative to the amount of detail one is looking for. In order to simplify the process of assigning value to numbers, some sort of pattern must be recognized. Today’s decimal system applies meaning to numbers in a linear fashion, allowing us to count all the way up to infinity. But this clearly is not rational. I believe it is useful no doubt, but when dealing with numerology we are really looking for patterns, which are repetitions, or cycles.

There are also what are called “Master Numbers”. The number 11, consists of TWO ONE’S next to each other… so what we have here is 2 separate symbols which are each whole in themselves ~~ the number 11 is a HIGHER OCTAVE of the number 2 (in music, an octave represents the same tone only at a higher or lower frequency, in multiples of 2) ~~ double numbers are also considered “Master Numbers”, perhaps giving them both the quality of their root numbers with a certain mastery over that dimension, for example, the number 11 (1 + 1 = 2) would then be “Master of Duality” and the number 22 (2 + 2 = 4) could be seen as master of the energy signature of the number 4. When Using this method of reducing double-digit numbers to it’s respective whole integer, we exclude the 0 from the place values as we are only using Whole-1-digit-numbers ~~

~~I want to point out, that at this point in my thought process, something began to become clear to me in relation to numerology. Something I had not thought of previously… in fact I had been looking at numerology in a certain way, excluding the 0, without really realizing why I was doing it… how come I consider “11” to be a higher octave of 2, instead of 1? why is 10 not considered a higher octave of “0”? When I started to look at the math, the reason became more clear to me… the decimal system we use today IMO does not line up with sacred geometry/ancient numerology because 0 is not a “real” number, at least not a rational number in this sense. In order to properly calculate significance of numbers, we must first remove the 0’s from the equation (although the first 0 (and only in my opinion) carries it’s own meaning) and only use so-called “rational numbers”. Since double numbers use a 0 to fill a place value, they must first be reduced to their “root” value (1-9) in order to decipher significant meaning. This thought was so profound to me that I typed “numerology” into google for the first time, to see if I was on to something… sure enough, my ideas were confirmed by none other than the ancient Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, the “Father of Numerology”, who

“developed his theory of numbers based on the idea that everything progressed in predictable cycles and those theories are the basis of all natural law today, as well as providing the foundation for the occult idea of Numerology, though the actual origins of numerology predate Pythagoras such as seen, for example, in the dictums set forth in the ancient Hebrew Kabbalah and in the symbolism of Sacred Geometry. Pythagoras’ idea deals with rational numbers, specifically the integers “1’ through “9”, (the abstract concept of “0” not yet having been postulated).

“Fundamental to this concept is the so-called “reduction of numbers”, which means that one takes any number with two or more digits and reduces it, by adding each of the integers in the number to arrive at a total whose integers are then added again, until a single digit is obtained.

(Example: the number 98 would be calculated as 9 + 8 = 17 and 1 + 7 = 8, with 8 being the primary “Master Number” of the number 98.)”

To avoid any confusion, we will refer to the reduced integer as a “Quantum Number” instead of a “Master Number”.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,

1 (10 ~ 1 + 0 = 1), 2 (11 ~ 1 + 1 = 2), etc…..,

1 (19 ~ 1 + 9 = 10 ~ 1 + 0 = 1), etc….,

1 (28 ~ 2 + 8 = 10 ~ 1 + 0 = 1), 2 (29 ~ 2 + 9 = 11 ~ 1 + 1 = 2), etc….,

1 ( 37 ~ 3 + 7 = 10 ~ 1 + 0 = 2), 2 (38 ~ 3 + 8 = 11 ~ 1 + 1 = 2), 3 (39 ~ 3 + 9 = 12 ~ 1 + 2 = 3)

1 (100 ~ 1 + 0 + 0 = 1)

As you can see if you add up the 2 integers in a double digit number (for ex. 11 ~ 1 + 1 = 2) you are left with the higher octave representation (11) of the “root frequency” (2). This method also creates other patterns in data, for example, the sum of all digits reduced to their rational number, represents the number of reductions which must be made for each 10 digit sector (ie, 110-119) to be represented with 10 integers, it represents the number of symbols (whole numbers) which need to be reduced to their rational integer. For 110’s for example there are only (1 + 1 = 2) numbers which will compute to double digit numbers after the first application (118 and 119), and likewise for the 30’s there are (3 + 0 = 3) numbers which need to be reduced (37, 38, 39) — I see a fractal pattern emerging here… perhaps the Fibonacci Sequence. For example, if we look at each 100 digit sector, we can also determine the amount of number that need to be reduced… but the math gets more complex here as there are now about 90 more possibilities for multiple reduction scenarios.

At this point, you’re probably a bit confused, and I’m having a bit of trouble expressing what I’m trying to say, so I’ve done a bit of web-surfing, to find an explanation which is easier to understand than my psycho-babble. I would usually just provide a link here to read on your own, but I feel like this particular information is important to understand. The following is an excerpt from:

Numerology attempts to describe the relative existence of everything in nature, based on the premise that all is reducible to numbers, and that all numbers follow the natural law of mathematical progression. In particular, ratios of numbers become pure entities and take on fundamental importance. This is true of the so-called Transcendental Numbers (p — the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, f — the ratio of sequential entries of Fibonacci Numbers, and e — the base of the natural logarithm, wherein subtraction of logarithms is equivalent to division/ratios of numbers). Even numbers such as integers can be expressed as ratios, e.g. “4” is actually the ratio, “4/1” (or even “8/2”).

A basic axiom is that all things in nature evolve in cycles, mathematical progressions which are measurable and predictable. [And cycles have ratios — as in the year, the time for the Earth to circle the Sun, being given in terms of the cycle of the Earth to rotate once upon its axis, a day.] Cycles are often based on Time, but not necessarily so, as even counting from one to twenty involves a cycle of returning to the use of “1” following the “9”, etc.

Numerology deals primarily with rational numbers, specifically integers. It even goes so far as to limit itself, for the most part, to the 9 symbols, which make up 90% of the base 10 system. Yet, it contains within those 9 symbols a significant amount of information. In fact, together with Astrology and Tarot, Numerology is used as part of the symbolism in interpreting the Tree of Life — one of the more profound philosophical concepts.

A possible exception to the general rule of reducing numbers until a single digit is reached is whenever the total reaches what is called a “Master Number”. The “Master Numbers” are those with double digits, i.e. 11, 22, 33, 44… Supposedly, these Master Numbers have a greater significance, and refer to characteristics beyond mundane experiences. In a manner of speaking, these are the higher octaves, harmonics, of experiences. But they are also sometimes just potentialities, which are never quite attained — after which the single digit number which they add to, becomes the dominant factor.

It is these “Master Numbers” which I want to focus on because they carry some sort of transcendental energy about them.

The number 11, being a higher octave representation of the number 2, whilst using only the number 1, is a representation of (in a relative sense) a transcendence of duality (the belief that I am a separate entity than all that”s around me). The number 11 represents a belief that one is a whole entity in itself individually, but at the same time intimately interconnected with everything else in this universe (transcended duality).

11:11 then to me, is a wake up call to humanity ~ a call for transformation, to break free from the cocoon of an old limiting belief system and to fly away into a new all-encompassing one ~ it is a doorway, perhaps into a new dimension of thought and life, which is being shown to you, and only you can walk through ~ 11:11 encompasses all of synchronicity in this meaning, because isn’t that what synchronicity really is? Realizing you are part of a greater picture, something grander than just yourself? ❤

As per usual, I’ll post here my findings from the Mayan Tzolk’in Calendar for the day in order to portray any other cosmic synchronicities to my findings on this day:


This is the 1st day sign of the uinal. It means "alligator" or "crocodile". It carries a radiant Eastern energy.

Alligator is the initial day sign and often manifests in people as the initiator of new ideas or new projects. The Eastern energy that flows through this sign infuses it with primal creative instincts, forces that gives birth to new phenomena and brilliant new ideas stemming from the deep flow of the collective unconscious.

However, largely because there is no order or structure that comes with these primal messages, following through on their ideas or completing their projects is not the Alligators' forte. This is why it is essential that they collaborate with others in order to achieve tangible results.

Alligators are often deeply caring people with a strong nurturing, protective energy, particularly for their children. They may work hard to provide security and comfort for their families and friends, but they should take care not to become overprotective, territorial or dominating. Otherwise, they may become insecure, indecisive and emotionally volatile.

Tone Four

Kan is the number four in the Mayan Sacred Calendar. It represents stability.

Persons born on days with this tone carry a stable, grounded energy that helps set the guidelines for all manner of relationships and interactions, whether on a personal, societal, economic, or other levels. Four is also the number of dimensions in which most of our conscious experiences take place.

Kan is ruled by Tonatiuh, the Aztec god of the sun and the warriors.

God of fire and time

Xiuhtecuhtli is the ruler of the First Day of the Trecena, and the First Day and First Heaven of the Galactic Underworld.

Xiuhtecuhtli is also the Aztec god of fire and time. The energy he embodies is that of initiation, sowing.


Please, consider this video, which I hope may fill in any missing bits of information, concerning the importance of this spiritual-science, and the many things it can do for us.


Beware of the false twin flame ~ which more than likely will come about after reading of twin flames and initially longing for that type of connection ~ I thought I had found my twin flame for a long time but I was looking outward for her – that was when I found a soul-mate.

Only after she and I split (to my ASTONISHMENT ~ I thought we were happy together and I didn’t see it coming at all) and I let my emotions go did I realize that she was there to teach me the last lesson I needed to learn before I reunited with my twin.

The Spirit of the Amanita found me at this time, as I was completely lost, it showed me the way of self-love, forgiveness, and acceptance, and ultimately: unconditional love — one very dark night on Halloween I let go all the rest of my emotions that were churning within, I layed in my bed and cried for hours – then had a vision of the world turning on its back, the sun setting into a sliver on the horizon, and darkness fading in. Only to realize that when the sun would return, it would be the great awakening; it would be magnificent.

“And the light… it seemed so Clear and present and divine… and then the world turned on it’s back… the sun sliding into the abyss, revealing the darkness that surrounds it all. And now I wait… as my pupils dilate, to reveal once again that the light seen retreating amongst the shadows, is still there, reflecting upon celestial bodies… for the sun to arise again… shall be the great awakening ♥”

I decided afterwards to be myself, to love myself, and through the understanding that we are all one, love others through myself. I decided I would not look or long for my twin flame, and that I would simply go about my business, shining my light on others, with the thought of nothing in return. I decided not to jump into any relationship, or act on selfish thoughts, or lusting emotions, but to simply allow that which was destined for me to come into my life at the proper moment.

I decided that I would not settle again for anyone less than my twin-flame, my literal other-half, the me in female version… I even wrote out a list of attributes describing her; describing my hearts truest desires.

About 3-4 months after that night on Halloween, a magnificent connection began to blossom between myself and the most beautiful angel I’ve ever seen (when I first saw her which was before all this even when dating my ex I had an instant attraction to her accompanied by a deep feeling in my heart). I did not try to make it happen… It just started happening, and I was almost an observer.

Synchronicity after synchronicity began to appear the more I spent time around her, down to the smallest detail, it is almost chilling, and awe inspiring, and very TRIPPY.

The twin-flame relationship is the most ecstatic that can possibly be experienced in this 3d human form. It is not focused on sexuality as most other relationships are. It is about infinite compatibility, being able to stand side by side and walk in the same direction with each other, not to face each other and try to merge, but to be completely whole and individual selves who join together in mutual existence ~ harmony.

Sex isn’t about desire to fulfill an urge in this type of relationship it’s about fully integrating both the worshiping of the divine feminine and masculine creative energies and raising of the Kundalini Serpent ~~ What exactly this means for humanity at this time, I’m not sure 😉

I’m walking down a path through the woods, it is dawn, very warm with a small amount of moisture in the air, dew just starting to form on the plants, my parents following slowly behind me… As I continue to walk I notice a presence in the forest, I look to the left and see a small girl curled up next to a tree. My parents don’t notice her right away; they are too wrapped up in their conversation and maybe a bit of their surroundings, nor do they notice me when I step off the trail to go to her. Her face is buried in her knees, I cannot see who it is. Without thinking, as if drawn to her by a magnetic force, I sit down next to her and embrace her in my arms. And then I feel her, I am totally overcome by a sense of warmth and familiarity, I close my eyes and press my head against hers, I sink into her, and she embraces me. We fit into each others’ arms so perfectly, I know I am home. I sink deeper into her into the darkness like a somnambulant meditation.

[SIDE NOTE: brother calls me in the middle of writing this, I pause to talk to him, he tells me I can come over now, I look down and it says Draft saved at 11:22:00 pm. 11:22 means Pay Attention, Don’t give up before the miracle!…. I continue writing]

It is my |Twin~Flame| Miranda, I hear her voice softly in my ear, I feel as if I have found her! I get excited… meditation starts to slip and I notice my parents have taken note of our presence now. I open my eyes and they are standing there in front of us taking pictures of us. They are both so ecstatic, crying even. I stand up and they show me the pictures they’ve just taken of Miranda and I… they keep telling me how beautiful we are…




~~~~I wake up~~~~


….she dreamed about me too….

So today for what ever reason, as I stood outside and observed the nature and landscape, also gazing deep within me, I decided to say goodbye to Minnesota. I’m being called elsewhere… I cannot stay here if I wish to thrive. I do not know when I will leave, I’ve just accepted that I will. The trees seem to be waving goodbye in the gentle breeze…

I can’t really recall the sequence of these events today… but after Miranda pointed out that my dream seemed very important, and asked me how I interpreted it, I think I’ve come upon a rather intriguing interpretation.

~~Well… my parents were taking pictures… pictures to me represent the attachment to a memory, trying to ‘hold on’ to something that is no longer here. The fact that they didn’t notice Miranda and I at first seems to be reflective of their world, where as in my utopia, we are in tune with our senses and not distracted, where we don’t put walls and distance between us physically and emotionally. I’m ever working toward that Utopia and I’ve been wanting to know the next step… I cried yesterday over the sheer weight of cognitive dissonance… I’ve been so conflicted, torn between the world I was brought into and the world I dream of, It’s taken me until just now to realize I must leave one in order to let the other come fully into being. The forest in the dream seemed to reflect my recent longing to return to nature, I feel so disconnected from it. I think stepping off the path into the wild brush was also reflective of my need to be more intimate with nature. Miranda already being off the path reflects the fact that she had approached me with the prospect of moving to California only a few days ago. I want to live a life more intimate with nature…. It’s hard to do that in Minnesota… I feel a calling to move southward, to a warmer climate where I can thrive in nature (as I always have). Today I accepted that call.

As for my family… I know I am leaving them behind but I cannot choose for them and I cannot wait for them any longer. Maybe they will find what they are looking for in those pictures (memories) and themselves see the magic which lies in the wild brush of the moment, the eternal now~~

I believe this to be my next step in integration… to lower the frequency a bit – it goes something along the line of (but maybe not exactly like) moving south to live on a communal organic farm near the woods with like-minded people… the Mayan Tzolk’in Calendar (which I visited after I came to these conclusions) only reinforces this interpretation.

~~The following information was copied from: The Mayan Calendar Portal

Uaxac {Tone Eight}

Uaxac is the number eight in the Mayan Sacred Calendar. It represents justice, harmony and balance.

Persons born on days with this tone possess exceptional organizational and management skills, and the ability to handle the most complex of tasks, situations or environments. Carefully weighing all evidence to reach a balance of justice, they are concerned not with taking sides but with fairness and equality. Some Eights might be overly concerned with cleanliness and neatness.

Uaxac is ruled by Tlaloc, the Aztec god of rain and war.

Tlaloc {God of Rain and War}

Tlaloc is the ruler of the Eighth Day of the Trecena, and the Fourth Night and Eighth Heaven of the Galactic Underworld.

Tlaloc is also the Aztec god of rain and war. The energy he embodies is that of harmony.

The Galactic Underworld
is the level of evolution that currently influences the mind of human beings the most strongly. It is developed through the energetic effects of thirteen tuns (360 day periods) that are subdivided into seven peaks of energy (days) and six valleys (nights), each symbolized by a specific deity. Day by day, this wave movement brings increasingly greater flows of right-brain energies and propels the end of Western dominance in the world. The deeper we go into this Underworld the stronger the waves become. To mark these most significant shift points in the evolution of consciousness, celebrations focusing on alignment with the divine plan are taking place all over the world.

Eb {Road, South}

This is the 12th day sign of the uinal. It means “road” or “grass”. It carries a soft Southern energy.

The bearer of time and conductor of destiny, this day sign is supremely devoted to its fellow human beings, giving guidance and opening pathways to a healthier future. The Southern flavor of its energy gives this day sign a certain ease and natural flow.

Road persons care deeply about community, future generations and the children of the Earth and work toward their well-being. Many take care of the poor, sick and elderly, and make personal sacrifices. They are devoted, very hardworking and quite likeable; many are successful in business and travel. Yet they have little or no desire for fame or recognition for the good that they do. They may often keep a low profile and are soft and considerate in their ways.

Affectionate and empathetic, Road persons are easily hurt but slow to anger. This tendency to harbor negative emotions and repress resentment can lead to illness, a poisoned opinion of others or a false bravado.

Well I was looking for some pictures to add to this post just now and I found another synchronicity! Here is another description of Eb found on:

Eb has been taken to mean variously : ‘tooth’, ‘human’, ‘grass’, ‘road-‘ or ‘stair-way’. Eb is one of the yellow kin and is associated with the sensual and physical aspects of living. Eb is the road of life and, in some manifestations, the greening and enlightening of individual and planetary awareness. Eb is the dew of heaven, it is the inner lightning which animates all, it is consciousness walking in beauty and balance. All earthly kind belong to this road. Eb is individual spirit and authority and stands but one step from community.

I’ll leave the interpretation up to you! Can YOU spot the incidences of synchronicity? 😉

❤ Jagno Gaia

This was just a response I had to a question a spiritual friend asked me today… I intend on expanding on this thought later because it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately and I feel to be very important…

Lots of people are afraid of a New World Order or One World Government… but I think people are just afraid of something so new… there are so many unknowns that people get fearful and fabricate in their heads what they believe it may be like. I do disagree with control but are people really gonna need to be controlled to be willing to accept a world government? One where we all make decisions together? And see ourself as one nation, one consciousness of earth.

Semantics… words have different meanings from person to person, ideas are easily misconstrued. What ever IS right now, simply IS. We can choose to react negatively in fear, or we can react positively with enthusiasm and contribute positive energy on top of what already is.

These are just some thoughts going through my head… lots of people are afraid of what may happen in the next 2 years is my point. But what we hold in our hearts (whether it be fear or love), determines our reaction (and thus action) to whatever is in our future that we may experience. If we hold our hearts in love, our actions will be joyful and fruiticious, but if we hold our hearts in fear, our actions as a people could be very intense and thus chaotic.

Based on my own experience/knowledge, I know that fear creates negative situation around you (for example, if you see a bear in the woods and you fear it and run, that bear more than likely chase you… but if you just breathe deeply and hold love for that bear in your heart, it will be as it is and leave you your space and you will leave him his space withstaned by love!) That being said, I have a high capacity to hold love in my heartspace, and do not believe it my fate to end up in any negative land such as a concentration camp.

Is the fate of one really the fate of all though? when looking at things from this earthly 3-dimensional mind-frame?

Point being – I think now is a time more important than ever to learn to hold love in our hearts for those around us and to not fear for ourselves or our neighbor, but instead to give love so that fear may not have a chance to make it’s way into our minds. ❤

Hey there everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I figured it was about time I get back in touch with you all 🙂 I’ve been on a wild journey the past few months… my own transformations are happening exponentially quicker each day. No time to go into depth about it or explain it all now, but I will do so in due time… In the meanwhile, I’m curious to hear about your transformations! 🙂 Please feel free to post comments on any of my blogs with related stories, I would love to bridge experiences with you.

So I think the topic I’ve been most stuck on lately, is the topic of spiritual integration/grounding/bridging.

To me – spiritual integration (or grounding) is the process of going out of the body into the “mind” of the spirit (via altered states of consciousness induced by practices such as fasting, yoga, sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, meditation, psychedelics, or a combination of these) in order to gather “spiritual”/centered/objective information (light), and then returning to the body with this information, while simultaneously holding that light so as to ground it here in this physical dimension – that is, to radiate the light (divine wisdom) physically as it guides you through your daily physical interactions with the surrounding environment. The purpose is to operate, physically, from a place of higher intention, in order to more efficiently bring about a global transformation (We must interact with our earth – the body – with the elements, the plants, animals, and with our brothers and sisters).

Our mind has become so separate from our bodies and the earth (detached/ungrounded – also synonymous to the detachment between each other… few people even say hello as they pass each other on the walk of life, or in these days, on the streets), that a sense of urgency seems to be flowing into the subconscious . We must change, to resonate with the rhythm and spirit of our earth, our solar-system, our galaxy, and our universe, lest we become so detached that the body can no longer maintain the mind (that the earth may not be able to sustain our species). We must embark on the process of spiritual grounding, so that the light may guide us to a higher heaven (a brighter future). The goal I feel here is not necessarily Utopia, but the continual progression towards it. Everything we ever need is here on this planet and within us, there is no need to go anywhere else in search for it.

A spiritual integration experiences teaches us that we must love unconditionally, breathe deeply, act intently, move slowly, not cut corners or beat around the bush (to cut straight through to the point–the truth–like a double edged sword). It teaches us to be the best we can be, to fit into the moment exactly as we were meant to – to be present and fully aware in that moment (to fill it in with light) while at the same time allowing everything else its own space to resonate freely. It teaches us not to impede, but to flow; to truly feel and flow with our emotions instead of fighting them – to flow with the ever-lasting change that is the spiritual progression of the heart of the universe (consciousness-expansion).

The process of bridging is a bit more abstract of a concept, but I will do my best to articulate it as I understand it. Someone under-going the experience of spiritual integration must not only ground the light around themselves, they must work to extend it out to others, rather than alienate themselves from those who are transforming much slower. This process involves lowering the frequency of the mind, coming down from spirit and deeper into the body in order to match the frequency of others. How do we resonate (relate) with each other if I am way up here and you are way down there? Or vice versa… how do we communicate… how do we transfer important spiritual (light/widsom) information? For a very basic and physical example, a chemist cannot speak with a painter on the nature of chemical compounds in the advanced language of chemistry, for without prior experience, the painter knows nothing of the symbols used to articulate the information. The chemist must allow himself to think like the painter in the left hand, while simultaneously holding his knowledge of chemistry in the right, in order to portray the information to the painter in the form of metaphors strung together in a rhythm known as ‘Poetry’. The same technique is used to decode or translate information coming from the painter to the chemist, and vice versa.

However poetry via spoken word or written language is not the only way of relaying important information. Without language, much information can be communicated through the body. This form of communication relies on proper attention and presence in the body – we must be GROUNDED in order to communicate psychically (notice the similarity between the words physically/psychically).

Bridging, is the process of expanding our consciousness/perception. By expanding my consciousness outward into your sphere of consciousness, we are able to exchange information simultaneously as it is created. The purpose of bridging, is to start a chain-reaction… similar to the “100th monkey syndrome”. As soon as enough beings expand their consciousness so that they are reaching others, it won’t be long before we experience that expanding consciousness as a unified whole. Once this is realized, it would be obvious that hurting or impeding the growth of anything outside of the ego-self is actually an act of impeding the self. Spiritual impedance could potentially be neutralized. So it is important I think, for those who have realized that we are all one consciousness unified by the will of the cosmos, to do what they can to expand that light/wisdom to the people around them (even if it means temporarily lowering your own vibration).

This blog can be seen as a form of integration/bridging, as I am doing what I can to hold these visions of light and wisdom in my mind while simultaneously being here and now in this world typing to you on this computer, breathing slowly, remaining centered and focused on this topic that is currently at hand in my mind.

Phew… I’m sweatin’ haHA! I guess that’s all I have to rant today, I hope you found this information useful. Here is a video related to the topic of bridging and integration, it is about “soulshaping”! For more information, visit:

Enjoy ❤

On a last note, I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful fall weather and colors! Embrace the change 😉

Love and Light ❤ Embrace the darkness


To me, the Holy trinity, is 3 separate (but intimately interwoven) parts of the same thing (God) as perceived from the human form. Each part, when viewed microcosmically, is separate from the other parts, but when viewed macrocosmically, are essentially the same.

Left/Right and Center….. Up/Down and center…..
It is the expression of duality, and the acceptance of Oneness.

the father… above
the son… below
the holy spirit… the center

“as above, so below” – that which is above, is the same as that which is below (fractals, microcosms and macrocosms)

The father… in my opinion… is the source… the creative womb of the goddess of our universe… that which manifests… that which gives form to this physical matrix… the source of information and knowledge – the all-knowing father. Light is information… we are all light, just as any physical form. An example of the father – if you want something physical, would be the black hole at the center of our galaxy known as Hunab-Ku, or the energetic center of the initial Big Bang (all black holes are also white holes, which spew out all information in all directions)

The son, is the physical manifestation of that light. Jesus is the Son. The Sun, is the Son. I am the Son. You too are the Son… (let us forget masculine and feminine implications in the words used… I think it would be equal to say the Mother, the daughter, and the holy spirit) –IMO the reason Jesus kept saying that HE was the son, was simply because he had realized this fully to the point where he was no longer living in duality by his own egoic needs and was fulfilling the prophecy of the holy spirit.

The holy spirit, is the energetic connection between all things, between the father and the son, the son and the son, and between the father (with other fathers)…… <— the last point of this gets into multiverse ideas which I won't touch on because there's no way of explaining that in a defined sentence structure…

It is that which binds us together, transcendent of time and space. The father and the son is the duality.. the yin and yang.. the holy spirit is the realization that the separateness between the 2, is but an illusion, that the 2, are really part of a greater whole. This is the 3rd piece of the Trinity, which binds the first 2 together, to create the Holy unification of the God Head.

What this means to me, is every physical manifestation has the potential to channel God through themselves as Jesus did… just think what the world would be like if we all did that! ❤

Mind you this is all my own interpretation… just some thoughts that have been floating around for the past 4 years based on what I've learned on my own meditating on the words "The Holy Trinity"

"Mayan Calendar"So today has been quite extraordinary to say the least! I’ve been REALLY feeling the healing energies of the cosmos lately and this experience really made me want to share 🙂

I might as well just start at the beginning… I parted ways with my girlfriend of a year and a half a little over a month ago. I was completely in love with her, and her with me. We were just going separate ways and couldn’t afford to hold onto the relationship any longer because we were stunting our own spirits’ growth process. It’s been a very difficult process of letting go… when you’ve held onto something you love so tightly for a long time… letting go, although necessary, can be one of the hardest things to do.

Since the break-up, I feel as if I’ve been more susceptible to the energy of the cosmos… I’ve been in a constant state of emotional flux for about a month now. I feel as I’m trapped on a roller coaster, moving swiftly in and out of euphoric bliss and deep and utter sadness. Each time I come up the euphoria is that much brighter having witnessed the creative process of a total collapse, a singularity which allows that which once was to be recreated in a newer and brighter light.

Normally I’m very good at remaining positive and – ‘not getting sucked down the spiral’. But today…the pull of the cosmos was too strong, I could no longer resist so I allowed it to happen. I decided to let go, to release the built up emotions and experience the depths of the singularity. It’s amazing how amidst so much dark there is always a light… illuminating the truth that lies hidden in the darkness. Accepting this truth was a transformative process that brought tears to my eyes and translucence to my soul.

Now… as many of you may know (and many of you will not – there will be posts about this later), I am an experiencer of the 11:11 phenomenon. If you google search this you will come up with lots of results… I’ll be posting links on here about it shortly. To sum it up though… 11 is the number of synchronicity or “coincidence”. It’s basically seen as a wake-up call to humanity… some describe the phenomenon as a higher-dimensional being tapping you on the shoulder (metaphorically) at the time of _:11 to alert you of a spiritual tranformation that is taking place (it’s saying-pay attention!)… you see just as I typed this (as a perfect and untimely example)… I looked at the time and it was 1:33 AM. It’s interesting to note that the sequence _:33 (33= 11 + 11 + 11 or 11 x 3)… or more specifically 3:33 is related to the ascended masters aka higher-dimensional beings (Buddha, Jesus, Moses, etc. etc.). Mind you this is only according to sources I have read via the internet. Although, I have experienced a correlation between my _:33 moments and that hypothesis. It’s like whenever I experience it there’s some sort of divine connection that i realize at that moment. Again… curiously enough… I awoke on Sunday, October 31st, 2010 at 3:33 PM. Even though it was halloween… I decided I was going to lay in bed for the rest of the day and reflect. Soon it turned out to be an experience of wallowing in the dark abyss, for lack of a better description.

I fell victim to all of the negative vibes and karmas that have been accumulating inside my being. I let it all go as I watched my consciousness slowly become shrouded in my hidden subconscious agendas. As if some outside force had coaxed me into reacting as I swore I would not. In the middle of this process I held a conversation with my ex, in which I expressed some thoughts and emotions that I’ve been holding within. Although the experience was wrought deep with emotion, the relief afterwards was like awakening at sunrise on a frosty autumn morning, and gasping for air as the cold trickles through your lungs exciting prickling senses throughout all of the body. Like a bolt of lightning sent from the heavens struck me, energy surged through my body…

Immediately after the conversation… the tears still drying on my face, I had a vision… of the sun setting in the distance. I expressed this vision via facebook:

~~>~^~<~~And the light… it seemed so Clear and present and divine… and then the world turned on it’s back… the sun sliding into the abyss, revealing the darkness that surrounds it all. And now I wait… as my pupils dilate, to reveal once again that the light seen retreating amongst the shadows, is still there, reflecting upon cellestial bodies… for the sun to arise again… shall be the great awakening ♥~~>~^~<~~

Shortly after this a post by The Return of the Divine Feminine on my newsfeed on facebook grabbed my attention. Here is what it read:

Let go and be in the Void- shed the skins of the past and feel the dark Mystery, birthing power, creative cauldron of renewal- stiring within… Fall back into the soil and deep Soul in total surrender… Rise up into the center point of light and dark and reclaim your power, your higher consiousness in golden flames of Spirit and deep root system through the Abyss and into Source Love. As you stand as the Tree of Life, Nature surrounds and communes with you, the essence of all you have ever been, with the Spirits of all who acccompany you ~ Duality is now Balanced and Time got devoured by Wisdom ~ every moment is Sacred and every breath is Infinite…

A sea of open grace and depth
beyond the shadows tortured death
Inside purified waters singing
To light the fire of Sacred Dreaming


Shortly after coming across this, a friend in the community known as Sun Ra, read my post, and posted this in return:

“holding a light, in d’arkness”

All of this synchronicity in one evening became very peculiar to me, so I decided to check out the Mayan Calendar and see what the energies had to say for today. Here’s the outcome– I hope you can see the connection that I see as well… This as well as many other experiences cross-checking the Mayan Calendar with the energies and vibes I feel for the day have proven to strengthen my faith in the Sacred Calendar…

The following information was copied from: The Mayan Calendar Portal

Ka {Tone Two}

Ka is the number two in the Mayan Sacred Calendar. It represents duality and balance between opposing yet complementary elements.

Persons born on days with this tone are sensitive to the differences between extremes or sides and recognize the separation of self from all else together with the desire to be joined once again. The energy of this tone walks a fine balance through opposing dualities such as light/dark, male/female, good/bad, ying/yang, and so on.

Ka is ruled by Tlaltecuhtli, the Aztec god of earth.

Tlaltecuhtli {God of Earth}

Tlaltecuhtli is the ruler of the Second Day of the Trecena, and the First Night and Second Heaven of the Galactic Underworld.

Tlaltecuhtli is also the Aztec god of earth. The energy he embodies is that of catalysis, creating a reaction.

The Galactic Underworld is the level of evolution that currently influences the mind of human beings the most strongly. It is developed through the energetic effects of thirteen tuns (360 day periods) that are subdivided into seven peaks of energy (days) and six valleys (nights), each symbolized by a specific deity. Day by day, this wave movement brings increasingly greater flows of right-brain energies and propels the end of Western dominance in the world. The deeper we go into this Underworld the stronger the waves become. To mark these most significant shift points in the evolution of consciousness, celebrations focusing on alignment with the divine plan are taking place all over the world.

Etznab {Flint, North}

Etnab MandalaThis is the 18th day sign of the uinal. It means “flint”, “knife”, or “obsidian. It carries an incisive Northern energy.

Born of purity and truth, this day sign sparks with insight and intelligence, serving as the mirror or reality for all.

The innate ability of the Flint to distinguish emotion from fact, right from wrong, gives those born into this day sign the awesome responsibility of extricating truth from falsehood. In fact, Flint persons are often likened to the Archangel Michael, who can cut through the difference between good and evil with a single slice of his sword. The Maya believed Flint persons could receive information about people’s interpersonal problems or the malicious plans of others by reflecting them in a mirror of obsidian glass.

It comes as no surprise, then, that others may find Flint persons rather opinionated and overly obsessed with what is right and what is wrong. But Flints are simply honest and direct, and want nothing more than to serve others. They can spot people’s hidden agendas immediately and stand tireless to protect, defend or cure others through personal sacrifice. Their challenge in their life is to find harmony and use their powers of insight and sense of justice as a gift rather than a weapon.

If this resonates with anyone… or if you have had a similar experience, please do not hesitate to share! 🙂

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL halloween! Keep it GOA’n 😉 ~~~~~~~  Love ❤ and Light -<((*))>-

~~>~^~<~~ Jagno Gaia ~~>~^~<~~

I came across this video this morning, and it says a lot about what has been on my mind lately. I think Crowther’s words are very important and something we all need to start tuning into.

As Mahatma Gandhi said so diligently… “Be the change you want to see in the world”

New Age Theism: Introspect through a Buddhist Lens

Jeremy Green

The Institute of Production and Recording

The following is a research paper I wrote at the beginning of 2010 for a critical reading and writing class I took at IPR. What sparked my curiosity for this topic was a realization I had while in deep meditation my last semester at the University of Minnesota – Duluth in 2009. A realization that Jesus and other figures like him were simply enlightened beings. Countless internet searches and books concerning religion, spirituality, and history have led me to the same conclusion time and time again. It is my wish now to express my insights on the matter in hopes that we may perceive religions and theism in a fresh and new way. Enjoy!

New Age Theism: Introspect through a Buddhist Lens

Suffering… it seems to be the root from which all religions grow. As we struggle through the hardships of life we often wonder, ‘What is the meaning of all of this? Why am I here? To what entity do I owe such a life of devotion and suffering? And is it really worth it?’ As we search for the answers today we find a vast branching out of a variety of religious belief systems that attempt to explain the unknown—to preach what they have discovered and interpreted as the truth. But where are our questions really answered? Can they be answered by someone else—a belief system? And who has answered their questions? What was the fate of the man who first set out to answer these questions? Surely there was no one to confront about the subject. The first man to tackle these questions must have realized that the answers can only come from within. In our quest today we find ourselves torn and fragmented between the higher theistic religions who claim that God is this, God is that. But these are only symbols, they are not absolute. As hard as we try to explain and understand this aspect of God with our own languages and symbolism, we still cannot grasp its concept because we are limited by the symbols and metaphors we use to represent it. Is it even possible to describe the intangible with the tangible? So far it is proving to be futile. As a skeptic and pursuer of the Truth, I have removed myself from the religion to which I was born (Christianity) and immersed myself in the customs and beliefs of all other religions through my own self-interested research so as to explain just how exactly so many different beliefs can coexist in one world. But what I was surprised to find is that although these religions continually denounce each other’s authenticity, they really aren’t all that different from one another; their similarities seem to far outnumber their differences. But there has been one religion in particular which caught my eye that seems to encompass traits of all other religions while explaining the reasoning (or problem) behind their differences as opposed to glorifying them—Buddhism. In this research paper I will deconstruct the history of organized religions in order to propose a new way to approach spirituality, through a Buddhist lens—that all religions have some sort of validity that is universal, not contained within the relative absolutions of their beliefs but within the doctrines they teach which came from their founders—the ones who realized that the answers lie within.

Let me first begin by describing the life of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, and how he came upon his realizations. According to Buddhist tradition and the oldest Buddhist scriptures, Siddhartha Gautama was born between 600-500 B.C. to a wealthy family in the Himalayan foothills in what is now Nepal (Mabbett, 2002, p.24). Prior to his birth, it was prophesized by royal sages that he was to become a great ruler or holy man (Polish, 2008, p.372). He was to live a life of fortune as prince and heir to the family throne. However, it was also prophesized that Siddhartha would see four signs and leave his throne to become a teacher of wisdom (Polish, 2008, p.372). Fearing the absolution of this foresight, his father sheltered him and forbade him to leave the palace. He was spoiled with gifts and luxuries and his cousin, the beautiful maiden, to which he was wed. Soon afterwards they had a child named Rahula, which means ‘bond’ or ‘link’ (Polish, 2008, p.373). This child was meant to chain Siddhartha to the palace emotionally so that he would not dare leave. However one evening, Siddhartha’s curiosity had taken hold and he bribed his carriage driver to take him outside the walls (Polish, 2008, p.373).

While outside he saw the four signs of suffering: disease, old age, death, and a man who sought to overcome these sufferings of the human experience. This was all that it took to incline Siddhartha to leave the material world and pursue the knowledge necessary to teach his insights. So fulfilling the prophecy of the royal sages, he abandoned everything that was his: the throne, the palace and its luxuries, his wife and child, and set out on his mission. He sought out various teachers and tried to learn their teachings, but realized that they had nothing to teach him (Polish, 2008, p.373). After spending some time wandering and fasting, he realized the only way to achieve enlightenment was through peaceful meditation which could only be compromised by physical discomfort (Mabbett, 2002, p.24). Eventually he came upon a tree, now known as the “bodhi tree”—the tree of awakening, under which he sat meditating for 49 days until he finally attained enlightenment, becoming the Buddha—the enlightened one (Polish, 2008, p.373).

What does it mean to attain spiritual enlightenment? According to the legendary Deepak Chopra,

“The meaning here is that your real self is not a person, that there is no such thing as a separate self, that a person doesn’t really exist. What we call a person is a transient behavior of the total universe, and when you get to the consciousness that is behind your thoughts, you are in touch with the same consciousness that is behind all the intelligent activity of the whole universe. So enlightened here means transcendence to that level of existence where the personal self becomes the universal self.” (Tolson, 2007, para.6)

What this says to me is that Siddhartha was able to tap into what is known to many as God-Consciousness or the Akashic Records. Also referred to as the Universal Mind, this is the place where answers lie within us. Instead of viewing things from our own egos, a subjective point of view, we are also able to view things from an omniscient and omnipotent perspective. With access to this knowledge, Siddhartha thereafter devoted his life to helping people overcome their suffering (keep in mind that the awareness of suffering is what drove Siddhartha to find answers). He taught lessons by telling short stories or parables that would bring the listener to the realization of certain truths eluding them. This seems strikingly similar to the story of another worldly religious icon, Jesus Christ, who claimed that God Himself was acting through him to rid man of his sins. According to Deepak Chopra, “…what Jesus calls sin, Buddha calls ignorance, lack of awareness” (Tolson, 2007, para.8). In order to truly understand the commonality between the two, we must further explore the doctrines of the Buddha.

The Buddha’s main focus was on the principle knowledge that humans were caught, by karma (the consequences of our actions in one life), in a wheel or an endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and that suffering would inevitably arouse from this chaotic behavior of the cosmos (Polish, 2008, p.375). Thus, developed the Buddha’s first teachings of what is known as the ‘four noble truths’. These four truths are as follows: dissatisfaction is unavoidable (suffering, stress, anxiety, fear, pain), the cause of this dissatisfaction is desire (greed, attachment, grasping, craving), there is an end to dissatisfaction (when we eradicate all attachment and desire), and the Eightfold Path (the second teaching of the Buddha) leads to the end of dissatisfaction (spiritual enlightenment) (Polish, 2008, p.375). The final goal, when all notions of clinging and grasping are cut and the karmic process of suffering ceases, is nirvana (Makransky, 2003, p.339). Nirvana literally means ‘going out’—transcending the wheel of karma (Polish, 2008, p.375). It is the realization and manifestation of the infinite and eternal. Makransky (2003) says it best, describing the aesthetics of nirvana:

“…nirvana’s most striking qualities are those embodied by holy beings far on the path to its realization, described in stories or met in person. Such qualities include deep inner peace, stability of attention, profound receptivity to others, equanimity viewing all persons as equal in their causes of suffering and potential for freedom, unconditional love and compassion, joy, humor, humility, penetrating insight that sees through others’ projections, and remarkable ability to communicate such wisdom to others as they become receptive. Such qualities of enlightenment are undivided from the qualities cultivated on the path to its realization.” (p.339)

Let us note that these traits bare remarkable similarities to those exhibited by Jesus. Realizing these commonalities allow us to interpret Jesus from a newfound perspective. Now, when we interpret Jesus’ calling through a Buddhist lens, we read that Jesus found God (nirvana) within himself through attaining enlightenment. He then went about spreading his wisdom throughout the world, acting as a symbol of God (Bodhisattva) in order to rid people of their ignorance (sin) and unawareness of the God-consciousness within them. Could this mean that we have misinterpreted the sayings of Jesus? That he wasn’t really speaking of some sort of higher being separate from himself? It seems here that Jesus was using symbols to communicate his ideas… after all, isn’t that what language and communication is? How do we describe something we don’t have words to describe? The answer, it seems, is through poetic manipulation of symbols. It is possible that we took the symbols Jesus used at face value and misinterpreted their true mysticism and poetic meaning. I believe that this misinterpretation has served to separate Buddhism and Christianity from each other in one cardinal aspect.

The way of the Buddha offers a guide to rid thyself of suffering, whereas Christianity imposes a belief system which is dependent on a higher life form to be the savior of life’s problems; pray to God and He may answer your prayers; do good and God will let you into the Kingdom of Heaven—oppose His ways and He will condemn you to hell. Everything is set as fact which serves as a framework of rigidity; there is no room for growth. I do not believe that this was Jesus’ intention. Lefebure (1996) explains that some Christians who have converted to Buddhism have complained that “Christianity merely talks about a loving God, whereas Buddhism offers effective strategies to change one’s awareness and cultivate a peaceful, loving attitude” (para.4). Christianity is constricted by the boundaries of its own belief system—a belief that materializes the immaterial. Buddhism has no such boundaries. The Eightfold Path is not part of a system. It is instead, a method developed by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism himself, which aided the process of achieving the same spiritual enlightenment that he and Jesus had attained. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the only concept of God we possess is of this enlightenment. When Jesus says ‘I will lead you to salvation’ it does not mean he is the cause of this salvation, instead he is implying that he is an example of one who has found the way—follow this example and salvation will be yours. Alan Jacobs (2009) agrees that Jesus’ gospel teachings show marked similarities with the ‘four noble truths’ and the ‘eightfold path’ in respect to the causes of suffering and its remedies (p.127). However, Christianity lacks the information concerning how Jesus came upon this personal salvation and the metaphysics of the remedies he prescribed, whereas Buddhism presents it to you in a useful form. Why would Christianity deprive its followers of this knowledge—a knowledge that Jesus was clearly trying to convey to the fellow man?

There is one piece of evidence here that seems to sew the missing pieces of this puzzle together. The Bible gives no account of the life of Jesus and his whereabouts between the ages of 12 and 29. These are known as the ‘missing years’ or ‘the lost years’, the ‘secret years’, or ‘the concealed years’ because of the Church’s lack of accountability on the subject (Jacobs, 2009, p.157). According to Hanson (2005), any evidence not supporting the doctrines of the church of Christ was destroyed or rewritten by the church (p.86). Hanson (2005) goes as far as stating, “Even the four gospels were rewritten to provide the impression that Jesus never left Judea” (p.86). Now all it says on the matter is that “…the child grew and waxed strong, filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him” (Hanson, 2005, p.78). While the church may have destroyed the evidence, the questions still remain: Who knows how Jesus grew with wisdom? Where was Jesus during the lost years? These 2 questions must be connected and there must be an answer that lies within the mystery.

One theory is that Jesus remained in Jerusalem throughout his early adulthood working as a carpenter with his father Joseph. Although this may seem like a somewhat reasonable explanation for his whereabouts during that time, it still does not explain why 18 years of his history are vacant from the gospels. If Jesus remained in Jerusalem there would have undoubtedly been scriptures and documentation of his whereabouts considering his youthful reputation.

Research in non-biblical texts, however, suggests that Jesus may have traveled outside of Jerusalem. Muslim accounts refer to Jesus as the “travelling prophet”—that he was called the Messiah because he wandered about and did not stay in one place (Hanson, 2005, p.78). Surely his travels would have led him into contact with other cultures. This seems like a much more reasonable conclusion than the traditional notion that Jesus stayed with his parents working as a carpenter. This raises the question of whether or not Jesus may have come into contact with other worldly religions like Buddhism.

For over 100 years, there has been research conducted linking the western with the eastern world. Many texts have arisen urging the similarities between the two religions, and expressing the many historical and textual evidences that invoke controversial ideas such as the religions of the world affecting each other. According to Makransky, the Buddhist was very skilled at communicating his truths from one culture to the next through their manipulation of symbols in symbol-based languages; this was helpful in the Buddhist’s missionary activity to spread their truths to the cultures of East Asia and Tibet in the first millennium C.E. (2003, p.335). This implies that Buddhism would have spread throughout East Asia before Jesus was born. This implication only reinforces the possibility that Jesus could have come into contact with other world religions. It would explain how Jesus was able to learn of such doctrines without leaving Jerusalem (if those doctrines came to him). It would also explain Jesus’ extensive use of metaphors and parables. According to Alan Jacobs, it seemed as if though Jesus was using metaphors in his own native language to describe doctrines (2009, p.138). Other research further emphasizes these implications.

In 1887, Nicolai Notovitch, a celebrated Russian adventurer set out on a journey through India and Tibet as an oriental correspondent. When he returned, he began writing articles about the unknown life of Jesus Christ (Jacobs, 2009, p.69). What did he discover on his journey that led to these writings? Surely it must have been something that grasped his attention. While in Tibet at a Buddhist monastery, he held a conversation with the head Lama there who spoke of the prophet Issa who had visited Tibet nearly 2,000 years ago (Jacobs, 2009, p.70). The Lama first notes that Christianity has diverted from its path by electing a false Dalai Lama (the Pope) to ‘act’ as an intermediary between the Earth and Heaven. Notovitch first interprets the Lama’s accusations as being directed towards Jesus. The Lama then replies, “It is not of him I speak, Sahib! We too respect the one you recognize as Son of the One God, not that we see in him an only Son, rather a Being perfect among all the elect. The spirit of Buddha was indeed incarnate in the sacred person of Issa who, without aid from fire or sword, has spread knowledge of our great and true religion throughout the world” (Jacobs, 2009, pp.70-71).

According to this Lama, the implication here is that Jesus was in contact with Buddhists and spread the knowledge of Buddhism (or a knowledge similar to Buddhism) around the world. Certainly this sparked the interest and curiosity of the explorer Notovitch, who was then led to the Hemis Monastery where the Gospel of Issa was read to him and translated from Tibetan (Jacobs, 2009, p.71). The Gospel was written by Brahmin historians (Indian priests) and Buddhists from India and Nepal describing detailed accounts Jesus’ appearance in India and Tibet (Jacobs, 2009, p.74). This is but one instance of a handful of historical and textual evidences linking Jesus to East Asia during the time of the ‘lost years’.

Jesus is found in sacred Hindu texts as Ishaputra and Isha-Masiha (Jesus the Messiah) in the Bhavishyat Maha Purana and as Isha Natha in the Natha Namavali Sutra (Jacobs, 2009, pp.122-125). He is found is the Chinese text, the “Glass Mirror”, as Yesu who proclaimed himself the savior of the world (Hanson, 2005, p.80). He is also referred to as Isa or al-Masih (the Messiah) in the Koran of Islam which claims that not only did Jesus escape his crucifixion, but that he lived the rest of his life as a religious leader in Kashmir where he is buried today (Jacobs, 2009, pp.143-144). In Kasmir he is known as Yuz Asaf (Son of Joseph), which can also be defined as the corruption of the Buddhist term Bodhisattva, meaning ‘enlightened-being’ (Jacobs, 2009, p.145).

Even more intriguing are the written accounts of “…the highly gifted spiritual and psychic medium, Reverend Dr. Levi H Dowling” (1844-1911) known as ‘The Aquarian Gospel’ published in 1908 (Jacobs, 2009, p.6). The transcription of this gospel, however, was no ordinary task, according to Dowling’s second wife, Eva Dowling, ‘after forty years of profound study and silent meditation, he entered deeply into the study of ethereal or heavenly vibrations. He found himself miraculously placed into that higher state of spiritual consciousness which allowed him to enter the world of those superfine ethers called the “Akashic”’ (Jacobs, 2009, p.7). He was then able to undergo a process known as spiritual channeling. Spiritual channeling is a process by which an individual enters a state of deep trance, becoming a channel through which the ‘spirit world’ can communicate with the physical world (Jacobs, 2009, p.181). Focusing on the life of Jesus Christ, Dowling was able to retrieve the necessary information from the Akashic to fill in ‘the missing years’ with incredible detail and startling insight. The book tells of Jesus’ life and journeys through India and Tibet as if from a first person account. How is this possible or even remotely reliable? The answer seems to remain within the teachings of our religious founders, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ, whom we relied on when there was no credible source.

The process by which Dowling wrote ‘The Aquarian Gospel’ seems to be the same process by which Siddhartha attained enlightenment and by which Jesus channeled the Holy Spirit through his being. Does this make Dowling, a human just like the rest of us, a god? Or does this make Jesus and the Buddha just like any other man? The answer, I feel, is both. Author Michael O’Keefe’s interpretation of the Aquarian Gospel provides us with insights into the nature of this:

“In this marvelous book of Christ, Jesus reveals that every living thing is a deity manifest, and each has a soul, which is on a very long trek – from total unawareness of its own divinity, to full consciousness. Every creature, after many incarnations, eventually becomes fully aware of its own divine lineage; and later, during subsequent incarnations, each one learns more and more about developing and exercising divine Strength, Wisdom, and Love; until eventually, every one (plant, animal and human) achieves pure perfection – oneness with God (our Father).” (Jacobs, 2009, pp.19-20)

According to Thich Nhat Hanh, a proponent of Zen Buddhism, Christ is no different than any other human being (Lefebure, 1996, para.32). He is but an example of a man who achieved this oneness—our elder brother who came forth to teach us. Further implications in the Bible draw us to this conclusion. In Luke 24.28-30 it states:

‘and they drew nigh unto the village whither they went; and he made as though he would have gone further. But they constrained him, saying, “Abide with us; for it is toward evening and the day is far spent,” and he went to tarry with them. And it came to pass, as he sat at meat with them, he took bread, and blessed it, and broke, and gave to them.’

This passage is interpreted by scholars as meaning that Jesus was very much alive and of the flesh; what need do spirits have to sit and eat (Jacobs, 2009, p.147)? Regardless of who Jesus may have claimed to be, he was still flesh and blood just like any other human being, just like Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.

If this is the truth, then how is that we still displace our faith in ourselves as divine beings and place it upon another—upon a symbol we call God? It all seems to be tied into a vicious cycle of suffering, hope, corruption and power. As religions conjure up their symbols and morals according to the experiences of religious and spiritual figures before them, they alienate themselves and their followers from the Truth that remains buried within our souls. Why do we seek to understand God from the outside-in when even Jesus Christ states “man knows nothing by being told” (Jacobs, 2009, p.53)? Clearly this means the only place we need to look is inside ourselves—through genuine experience. Yet we continue to perceive the information provided to us as fact without analyzing the data and coming up with our own interpretations. This pertains to the Buddhist concept that:

“…such speculative thought processes are intrinsically confused because they occur within a mode of attention that looks only outwardly, away from their own mechanisms of concept-making, reification, and clinging. Religious figures that cling to such representations of reality as absolutes are trapped unawares in the “net” of their own subconscious habits of thought which hide the unconditioned reality that transcends them.” (Makransky, 1996, p.342)

Many religions claim that their rendition of God is closer to the Truth than others—that the ideologies and dogmas they infer based on their interpretations of the divine are the only way to salvation. However, these dogmas are presented using the symbols native to the culture and language relative to the location of its origin. As it is clearly stated in the Aquarian Gospel:

“The nations of Earth see God from different standpoints, so He doesn’t seem the same to all. Man names the attribute of God he sees, and this to him is all of God; and every nation sees a part of God, and every nation has a different name for God. You Brahmins call Him Parabrahman, in Egypt He is Thoth, in Greece He is Zeus, Jehovah is his Hebrew name; but everywhere He is the causeless Cause, the rootless Root from which all things have grown.” –Jesus (Jacobs, 2009, pp.46-47)

What Jesus is implying here is that all religions have some sort of validity—that all religions stem from God. But when God is interpreted from indirect experience or conveyed to one who has not been blessed with that experience themselves, the process of clinging to symbols and representations as absolutes inevitably begins to spin out of control.

In essence, the main lesson learned here is that we must not cling to representations of the Absolute because it only serves to divert us from the Truth which can only be realized through genuine human experience. Just as we can describe an apple to someone with the symbols at our disposal, that someone will never know what an apple is, how it looks, how it tastes, how it smells, or how it feels until they have experienced it for themselves. Those symbols will resonate only with the past experiences of that individual. Rather than describing an apple to them, give them an apple and let them observe and experience for themselves. This principle must be applied to all areas of life, including God. Instead of defining God—let people discover the infiniteness of his wisdom within their inner silence. The rigidity of religion is uncharacteristic in an ever-changing universe. Even Buddhism is subject to this discrepancy. Although he holds viewpoints similar to that of Buddha, Deepak Chopra states “I don’t consider myself Buddhist because I don’t think Buddha himself believed in ideology or dogma. He would say that he was showing us very practical ways to get the same insights ourselves” (Tolson, 2007, para.7). Buddha proposed a guide which aided the process of enlightenment accompanied by the cessation of suffering. Perhaps Jesus may have been helped along the path of enlightenment by these practices, however the point is not to say that Jesus was a Buddhist or that he spread Buddhist doctrines, but that the knowledge and wisdom he taught came from the same source we are all allowed to access. I am proposing that Christ and Buddha taught the same doctrines—doctrines which can only be understood when realized within ourselves.


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continuous spectrum

This is an excerpt from a social comparison theory essay I wrote in 2008 while attending the University of Minnesota – Duluth. The essay focuses on hidden messages in the media that negatively affect our well-being.

“…we spend tons of money on pointless things to try and fit in and be happy. As a result we spend more time working pointless jobs (some jobs are very important – a LOT are… but there are a LOT of pointless ones too) and producing pointless commodities (like expensive clothing, make-up, jewelry, haircuts, bling-bling, fancy sports cars and huge homes that are empty 90% of the time) just to feel better about ourselves. It’s a material world that revolves around money. Well the truth is, it is all a lie. Everyone is beautiful; we all have a light that shines brightly inside of us. Changing what we look like on the outside does not change who we are on the inside. All we have done is “raise the standard” of our image, so to speak. if everyone stopped trying to cover up who they are on the outside, and instead started expressing their inner selves through outward methods, I feel like the “standard” would return to an equilibrium and everyone would start to feel beautiful again. We would produce cheaper commodities to save money for more important areas of economical growth like food, health, shelter, art, and travel. People would be less insecure, happier, and more aware of the true world around them and not just focused on a recreation of the human mind. It would be a different world… a much better one.

However, this dream seems far off in the distance… forever approaching, but never occurring. it is something that should have happened a long time ago; or rather… the corruption that brought us to where we are now should never have occurred. It is our own fault. We have been in hibernation for far too long… it is time to wake up. As we grow older as individuals, and collectively as humans, I feel like it is easier for us to understand the messages that are corrupting our minds simply because we’ve had more time to finally ask why? The answer to this question will let us awaken from our deep sleep; we just need to find that answer in ourselves. When we finally understand, the message becomes much clearer, and is certainly not the same. We realize that such messages have influenced the creation of a social-sensory norm. This norm directly influences expectations an other’s image and actions. A norm is an average, or more so the mode of a wide circular spectrum. Imagine you have a positive force and a negative force; you try to add them together and they pull closer and closer to zero, or a neutral area. The positive and negative forces symbolize both groups of people on either side of the norm, or in this case, the neutral area. Because we see more of this ‘norm’ than we do other characteristics, we feel the need to conform to it… we see it as a balance point… when really it is more like a point of imbalance. It is a catalyst for social chaos because we bring ourselves down in the process. At this point we are zero. We are neither positive nor negative. We are completely neutral and asleep. But we must realize that the spectrum is not a line, but a circle. Knowing this, it becomes completely pointless to compare ourselves to other people. There will always be someone higher or lower on the spectrum than us; there are no ends. Yet most of us still seem to compare ourselves to people who we perceive to be ‘better’ than us. There is no better or worse; the social norm created through hidden messages in media has made us believe there is this neutral area, with positive on the right and negative on the left. When you realize the spectrum is a circle, the neutral area becomes meaningless. There is no reference point, just a vast spectrum of infinity. Imagine a color wheel, with all the colors of the rainbow reaching around the circle. There are neutral colors (black, gray, brown, white), but they do not lie on the circle; instead they lie on a point within the circle. This neutral area in the center of the circle is the social norm I am speaking of. As you can see, any person (symbolized by a unique frequency of color) that conforms to this norm (neutral color) is not being his/her self. This is something that in my eyes are very danger and unhealthy to the individual. This is also why not everyone becomes this norm. Lots of people understand the underlying messages in the media and feel no need to conform to it. They believe it is more important to express their inner being on the outside as well (instead of suppress it). Every one person is a vastly unique individual and that being true, the way these people dress and act would be quite near the opposite side of the circular social spectrum.

The more and more people begin to see this, and the more individuals begin expressing their inner selves on the outside, the more diverse people will seem to be from each other. With that, hopefully we can lose the negative feelings we have created by social comparison. Something we can do to speed up this process, is not to take life so seriously. Everything now-a-days is so organized and so formal, where everyone dresses the same and it’s nearly impossible to determine varying personalities from person to person without deeply interrogating everyone. Lose the formality and serious environment, and everything becomes much lighter, as if you were seeing colors along the spectrum you never noticed before. In order to really make a difference, and prevent hidden media messages from leaving a harmful impact on society, we have to start with ourselves as individuals and make a change for the better there. If everyone were to do this, there would be no social comparison.”

I can definitely say that I could have wrote this paper way better and in a manor more useful and easily interpreted, however I do feel like I have a very good point… in any case it is something to take a look at. 🙂