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To me, the Holy trinity, is 3 separate (but intimately interwoven) parts of the same thing (God) as perceived from the human form. Each part, when viewed microcosmically, is separate from the other parts, but when viewed macrocosmically, are essentially the same.

Left/Right and Center….. Up/Down and center…..
It is the expression of duality, and the acceptance of Oneness.

the father… above
the son… below
the holy spirit… the center

“as above, so below” – that which is above, is the same as that which is below (fractals, microcosms and macrocosms)

The father… in my opinion… is the source… the creative womb of the goddess of our universe… that which manifests… that which gives form to this physical matrix… the source of information and knowledge – the all-knowing father. Light is information… we are all light, just as any physical form. An example of the father – if you want something physical, would be the black hole at the center of our galaxy known as Hunab-Ku, or the energetic center of the initial Big Bang (all black holes are also white holes, which spew out all information in all directions)

The son, is the physical manifestation of that light. Jesus is the Son. The Sun, is the Son. I am the Son. You too are the Son… (let us forget masculine and feminine implications in the words used… I think it would be equal to say the Mother, the daughter, and the holy spirit) –IMO the reason Jesus kept saying that HE was the son, was simply because he had realized this fully to the point where he was no longer living in duality by his own egoic needs and was fulfilling the prophecy of the holy spirit.

The holy spirit, is the energetic connection between all things, between the father and the son, the son and the son, and between the father (with other fathers)…… <— the last point of this gets into multiverse ideas which I won't touch on because there's no way of explaining that in a defined sentence structure…

It is that which binds us together, transcendent of time and space. The father and the son is the duality.. the yin and yang.. the holy spirit is the realization that the separateness between the 2, is but an illusion, that the 2, are really part of a greater whole. This is the 3rd piece of the Trinity, which binds the first 2 together, to create the Holy unification of the God Head.

What this means to me, is every physical manifestation has the potential to channel God through themselves as Jesus did… just think what the world would be like if we all did that! ❤

Mind you this is all my own interpretation… just some thoughts that have been floating around for the past 4 years based on what I've learned on my own meditating on the words "The Holy Trinity"